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Global Game Jam 2014: 'HotnCheesy'
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Early January, 2014, I was involved in the Global Game Jam at the Bristol Games Hub. Over the course of a weekend (25-26 Jan 2014), teams competed to make a computer game around the theme of “We don’t see things as they are, we see them as we are.” with the added challenge of making this ‘accessable’.

From this intense 48 hour period, we, a team of Matt Kingston, David Spooner, Matt Thompson and myself, present “hot’n’cheesy” (hosted on github). It is a 2D space shooter, based on asteroid but with the added twist of a dense fog of war. It uses the phaser framework and the fog of war is implented with webgl shaders. With no real accessability features and only a very loose connection with the theme, the game was no tremendous success but it was good fun to make and involved lots of learning.

The game can sometimes be found here although a (probable) memory leak means it is often offline.

I have recently been thoroughly sold by the benefits of Git. It is a revelation that came slower to me than many others, probably because I haven’t worked on projects large enough or high risk enough to warrant that sort versioning. I have never collaborated that seriously either but there are first times for everything.