Jeremy Minton About
  • 'HotnCheesy' (hosted on github) was a computer game that I was involved in developing during the Global Game Jam at the BristolGames Hub. This was where, over the course of a weekend (25-26 Jan 2014), teams made a computer game around the theme of "We don't see things as they are, we see them as we are." with the added challenge of making this accessable. We, a team of Matt Kingston, David Spooner, Matt Thompson and myself, made the game "hot'n'cheesy". It is a 2D space shooter, made using the phaser framework, with the twist of a dense fog of war, implented using webgl shaders. With no real accessability features and only a very loose connection with the theme, the game was no tremndous success but it was a great fun, lots of learning and an exhausting but inspring weekend. The game can sometimes be found here although a suspected memory leak means it is often offline.
  • As is tradition in the old Cambridge Univeristy colleges, Jesus College hosts a Mayball each year (in June). In my first year at Cambridge I joined the committee as webmaster and helped with the 2014 mayball themed 'Into the Woods'. I had to make a front page to advertise the event and provide navigation to several forms and other pages. The code is now available on github and I host a copy of the page here. Of course, most of the links are now broken.
  • While doing my undergraduate I developed a student roll system to register attendance at Aikido classes. It was developed in python using the Django framework. I will move the files to github once I have established version compatibility.
  • As I am a proper zombie in the morning with minimal will power, I developed a simple web application that provides a timed workout thus taking an element of will power out of the equation. The code (javascript/html/css) is on github and is hosted here.